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Ceiling Fans

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Destratification: Get the heat from the hall ceiling !

Reduce heating costs and quickly heat the hall anywhere with industrial ceiling fans.

Industrial ceiling fans for recirculate warm air from the ceiling



Vorher ohne Deckenventilator

Ceiling hot - floor cold

To reach the requested temperature (19°C) at the floor, you have to heat needlessy  again and again, even though the ceiling already has 26°C.

Nachher mit Deckenventilator

Equalized temperature

Our industrial ceiling fans equalize the room temperature by pushing down and mixing the warm air (de-stratification).
As the example above: For 5° higher temperature at the floor without any additional heating we have 30% lower fuel costs.

Energy loss

The high temperature at the ceiling causes a corresponding high energy loss at the ceiling (transmission).

Energy savings

If we have an outer temperature of 0°C and a reduced temperature from 31°C to 21°C at the ceiling, the transmission is  reduced by 32%.

Cold remote corners

Often some areas of the room stay cold after a long time heating.

Always steady warm

The complete room is comfortable warm now - fast and equal. The pre-heat time can be reduced.

Destratification for:

- Factory buildings
- Greenhouses
- Indoor tennis/sports
- Workshops
- DIY / superstores

- Warehouses
- Air halls
- Marquees
- Agriculture

New: Planning tool

Your individual proposal for recirculation of hot air

Directly and without registration:
- individual proposal of fans and accessories
- power consumption to this
- examples for fan placement to this
(sorry, in german only till now)