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Find the right fan for destratification

Number of ceiling fans

For recirculation of hot air up to 10m hall height
you can use our open industrial ceiling fans 03.210 to 03.225
 03.210 – Industrial ceiling fan, white
 03.211 – Industrial ceiling fan, black

In case of barriers concerning the height (e.g. overhead crane runway):
03.214 – height 44cm
Heights under 44cm and over 69cm on demand.
Hanging of the fans 03.210-03.260 with a chain is technical not possible and not permitted !

The following fans with IP protection IP54 have special splash-water and dust proof (tested by the German Technical Control Board TÜV)
IPx4 = splash-water proof, IP5x = dust proof
 03.222 – protection IP54, height 69 cm
 03.224 – protection IP54, height 44 cm

For recirculation of hot air - hall height higher then 10m
 03.310 – Ceiling fan with safety guard, IP54, completely assembled
 03.291 –
Ceiling fan with safety guard, completely assembled
 03.293 – Ceiling fan with safety guard, flat packed for export
 03.312 – Ceiling fan with safety guard, IP54, completely assembled

Position of the ceiling fans

Positionen Deckenventilatoren zur Warmluftrückführung

Ideally devide the room into rectangles, as equally sized as possible, for the number of fans to be installed. In the middle of each zone you can place one fan.

Positionen Deckenventilatoren zur Warmluftrückführung 2

If it is not possible to create equilateral rectangles, you can take another shape, as e.g. in the following picture.

Positionen Deckenventilatoren zur Warmluftrückführung 3

Important: You should always install some ceiling fans at the highest position of the room, to be sure no hot air remains under the ceiling.

Ihr individueller Gerätevorschlag zur Warmluftrückführung

Direkt und ohne Registrierung:
- individueller Gerätevorschlag
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Depending on the circumstances, you should install one fan for 125 m² to 250 m² for the destratification. To determine the exact number of fans, use our planning tool which you can find on our german website:
Enter ground space (Grundfläche) and hall height (Hallenhöhe) and you’ll get a recommendation.

Height of the hall

The performance of the ceiling fans is about (without temperature stratification)


A complete destratification from top to ground is possible in higher halls, if you install the fans at two levels. For the above example at 8m height and at 15m height.

Raumhöhe Deckenventilatoren zur Warmluftrückführung 2

If the installation at different levels is not possible (e.g. because of a high-bay warehouse), you can eventually install the fan 03.291 at the side wall in slant position.